By: Dawn Kelly

This week the HAppiness Connection hosted a workshop facilitated by Sylvie Martin a beautiful BREATH OF BLISS practitioner, who so happens to be French and resides in Bali. I was fortunate enough to have met Sylvie at one of the Happiness Connection sessions and so the story begins… It was a small yet intimate group of four Goddesses who gathered out of curiosity to see what this ‘BREATH OF BLISS‘ was all about.Perhaps there could have been the thought, ‘it’s only breathing, I have been breathing all my life, what more do I need to learn?Breath in, breath out.’ Well, let me tell you, there is a lot more to this breathing business than you might think. Sylvie guided us through a process that could be likened to climbing a mountain then free falling from a place of pure bliss. We were moved through the journey with music, perfectly divine sounds that seduced us to open up to ourSELVES. I found mySELF in a place on intense BLISS and CONNECTION. My hands were vibrating and I can honestly say that I have never breathed so deeply in my life. My heart was open and I felt expansive and joyful. I was so taken by my experience that I plan to attend the facilitation course in Bali this year. If one hour can make me feel so exquisite, what will an entire week of this will do. Thank you Sylvie Martin, you are truly a GODDESS!